If you want to add a real amazing feeling to your event, then why not hire our LOVE Signs? They start at a mere £99 and this provides a great backdrop on any dance floor or reception area for your special event

The signs are unique and a great feature around which many guests in the past have had pictures taken for that very special memory

Do you fancy having your picture taken around our love signs? The signs are beautiful, can be decorated around if you wish but we think…..they look great on their own like in the above image

We usually provide a great discount if you are already hiring other items from us so you can get the LOVE Signs for as cheap as £99. For the WOW Factor they add to your event, we think they are well worth it

To be honest, if you hire a 3 or 4 package deal with us including Photo Booth, Chocolate Fountain and Popcorn Cart, we will probably throw in the LOVE Signs free for you.

Please call us at our office and we will happily assist you and discuss the above package deals with you

See the video on the right for a visual of the LOVE Signs at a recent event. PS…The venue is amazing as you can see!

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2000+ live performances

Over 10 years of experience

Two time award winning magician

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