Corporate Clients we have recently supported……just some of them…

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO)

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Corporate Clients:
We offer to Corporate Clients the opportunity to brand the equipment fully like we have done for other Corporates

In addition, we also have many trikes , popcorn carts, Chocolate Fountains, Candy Carts available so there is never a shortage of equipment

Our service is unique and different .This is what Corporate clients want and they tell us time and time again that they want to stand out and be innovative. So this is what we provide them. A very personalised touch that ensures we theme everything for their special event. Whether it be a Corporate theme, a Las Vegas theme, Christmas or Summer Event, A product or brand launch. We always ensure we make it very special for you and completely different so that it is special

Corporate Client Chocolate Fountains, Ice Cream Carts, Photo Booths. Whatever you require, we can provide. We service London, Richmond, Twickenham, Surrey. Well….pretty much all of London and the surrounding areas.

Feel free to contact us for further details and we will be sure to help

Corporate Clients are who we serve regularly and we do this with pride. We provide the highest level of service, quality, uniqueness, personal touch and professionalism at all times

We source our staff from the very best of agencies and there is one we use regularly which is temptribe. More about what temptribe offers us can be found here in this article

We focus on appearance, timeliness, quality of service, going the extra mile and putting on the face of ourselves in excelling in everything that is done. We value our staff highly and build up a friendship and rapport with them that helps them to be motivated to perform excellently