Instant Ice Cream Rolls..Book something unique and new for your event


Would you like something completely different at your event? Whether it be a wedding, party, Corporate or other, Ice Cream Rolls is something to try now and its bought to you exclusively by Fancyatreat.

There is no better way to display what this is than by showing you a video. Instant Ice Cream Rolls are very popular in Thailand.


The video above shows exactly what we could offer for you at your event:

Ice Cream served with fresh fruit mixed in front of your guests

Served in a unique and exciting way

Offering a presentation that is unbeatable

Taking service to the next level

Select the most exotic fruits and fillings you wish

Mango, Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Oreos. The list goes on. The choice is entirely yours


So, do you like the look of what we have to offer for you?…..

What are the next steps?….

Simply contact us on the above number and speak to one of our event planning team. They will then discuss the number of people at your guests

It could be Strawberries and cream or Cookies and Cream

Feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to do something very very special for you. It will be a cut above what you have ever seen before and will be a great attraction

We aim to take ice-cream to the next level