Supporting Local Charities:

We pride ourselves in supporting the Local Community and Charities. At fancyatreat, our aim is to ensure we work and support events that are raising funds on behalf of Charities.

Over the past several months, we have supported with your beautiful ice cream trike, charity events that have raised funds for various causes.

  • We will always make a firm contribution of all sales to charities that we support whether this is requested or not. We feel it is our responsibility to do so.
  • We will ensure the event is themed free and contribute to the organisation of the event with our time and staff should the event organisers need support

Events and Charities we have supported in the past…….

Take the example below of our support for the Better Lives Foundation

More about the Charity:

  1. The Charity is a UK Registered Charity
  2. The goals are to better the Health and Education of people in developed countries
  3. All of the work carried out by BLF Volunteers and associated travel and accommodation costs are met directly by the individuals
  4. Medical and Educational camps are set up to provide both pre and post care

The Charity needs to be highly complimented on the work it has done and support it has provided


Lets put its work into context with some hard facts and figures:

A child dies from Malaria EVERY 30 SECONDS. FACT


We need to help special charities like the BLF in which ever way we can and support their events not to make a profit but to make a difference

Thats what we did when we supported them with our Ice cream tricycle. This was something we took great pride in doing and we will take every opportunity in the future to support charities like BLF

From all the staff at Fancyatreat, we would like to thank BLF for inviting us to support their charity event and we look forward to working with them in the future

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