To support a local school and put a smile on children’s faces is something that makes us extremely happy.

We love nothing better than to see children (and of course parents!!!), happy and enjoying what we have to offer them We have done many School events recently and some of the very best ones have involved:

  1. School Proms
  2. Fetes and events
  3. Charity raising days
  4. Awareness campaigns

What we are more than happy to do is to give the school a contribution of our sales as this will we know, be put towards either extra schooling facilities, or it will provide funding to various charities. As you can see from our other pages, we support local charities as much as possible

It goes without saying, theming for the school is always free and we will do all we can to blend in with what the day is supporting or raising greater awareness about

School events we have supported before…….

Take the example below of how we supported the Proms event at  Lady Eleanor Holles School









The School had a last night of the Proms

We contributed 15% of our takings to the School

We pride ourselves on these types of opportunities as this is a very special school and one that is local to us

School Fund Raising events:

So, here is another great example….

  1. Teenagers were raising funds as part of the Great Herts Bake Off
  2. Proceeds were going to the St Albans Volunteer Centre
  3. So, we recognise this as something worth supporting
  4. Therefore, we provided a very healthy slice of our takings to support the event

School Fund Raising School fund raisingSchool Fund Raising









Our goal really is simple when it comes to Schools. We will support children as much as possible in their enterprise and charitable events. Its something we enjoy. Something we recognise is essential for the very foundation of our community

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