Weddings are one of our key areas of focus. We have hosted weddings in some of the best of locations in the UK. Ice cream trike hire for weddings or Chocolate Fountain hire and rental for weddings is probably the most popular choice. But you can always try something different. Why not perhaps try an ice luge?



So, what does our Wedding package comprise of?
* We offer full theming for your event and will be happy to provide personalised magnetic displays on our equipment just like the one below…..

* The trike is personalised for the event. This could be individual names so that it provides a finishing touch

Ice Cream Trike Personalised

* Fully trained personnel. Our staff are of the highest quality and know how to put a smile on the faces of guests when offering up our amazing range of ice cream.

* We appreciate weddings do not come cheap. Therefore, what we do offer is the opportunity to spread your payments to us over the term before your big day. This way, we will be slightly reducing the pain for you of all of those credit card bills around the wedding time!!

* If you have a Chocolate Fountain, then see how we go to every length possible to decorate around the fountain. The bridesmaids for this event were certainly keen to get a taste of what we have to offer and who can blame them!

Wedding Chocolate Fountain

….what ever the occasion, we are there and happy to be of service. Chocolate Fountain hire and Ice cream trike hire weddings and events is our passion and we will be happy to help you

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