PIMMs Cart in the Sun..


So here comes the sun this weekend and there are not too many better ways to enjoy the sun than with some Ice Cold PIMMs in the sun. The perfect blend for the perfect weather

We have a really cool PIMMs cart which will be hired this weekend and we are sure it will go down an absolute treat.


PIMMs Cart PIMMs PIMMs and Lemonade









So whats the best way to make PIMMs?

Here goes for the famous recipe that is for the perfect PIMMs…….

Firstly its 3 Parts lemonade to one part PIMMs

Next a slice of Orange

Add a slice of Lemon

Put in 2 slices of cucumber. Quite thinly sliced

A sliced strawberry

Finally a sprig of mint

A few cubes of ice, a clear glass, couple of straws and away you go!!!

The perfect PIMMs and Lemonade


So how can we help you with our PIMMs cart?

It will come fully branded like the pictures above

A trained member of staff to serve PIMMs to your guests

Glasses stored in the fridge to make them cold and ready to serve PIMMs in

And then away you go!!!

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to serve up our special treat at your event. PIMMs Tricycle and Trike Hire in London and Surrounding areas.



Bina Manek


CEO of Events Organisation Companies. Fancyatreat & welovebooths. We provide Ice Cream Trikes & Carts, Photo Booths, Candy & Popcorn Carts, Magicians, LOVE Signs, Chocolate Fountains and full event management. Our objective is to make your event as special as possible.

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